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There are currently dozens of weed control products out in the market today and it’s getting harder and harder to choose one to use. Of course, knowing exactly what your garden needs also helps in choosing, but the fact is that some weed control products are just better at it than others. If you are thinking about switching brands or just starting a garden, following are some of the weed control products that are getting good reviews today.

Weed B Gone

In spite of its somewhat funny brand name, Weed B Gone is actually one of the most popular weed killer products today. For one thing, it’s less expensive and can be easily found in most stores. It also works fast and gets rid of the weed in a very short span of time.

Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate

Now this is one good weed killer product if you want to get rid of the weeds without destroying the lawn. This is because the product is selective, killing only certain types of weeds without harming the others. Easily found in most stores, the product is also incredibly cheap, making it ideal for flower beds.

Round Up

This particular brand is a non-selective weed killer meaning it would get rid of pretty much it comes in contact with. It’s one of the weed control products that is mostly used if you want your soil to be as plant-free, converting it into a drive way or a place to park on. However, if you’re thinking about getting rid of the weeds in order to plant something better, then the Round Up is not a good choice for you.

Burnout Weed and Grass Killer

This one is pretty much the same with Round Up with one advantage: it’s cheaper. It also works fast although it really does get rid of virtually any plant that crosses its path. Hence, not a safe use for flower beds but makes a great tool for spaces that you intent to convert into something else.

Triple Threat Selective Weed Killer

Triple Threat is also pretty popular nowadays being EPA approved. At the same time, the product is of the selective variety, allowing users to apply it to their garden without too much fear of it ruining the lawn. It’s also strong enough to get rid of resilient weeds like clover and chickweed.

Alternative Weed Killers

Other weed control products that are not sold in the market today involve the use of home materials. The list includes a number of unexpected products including vinegar, salt, sugar and even liquid dish soap. They are actually as effective as the branded ones although those mentioned are non-selective and would need careful application.

Choosing a Weed Killer

Of course, the weed killers are not limited to those mentioned above. There are other products that perform just as well. When choosing one, try to consider exactly what your garden needs first. Decide on whether you want to get rid of all plants or save a few for gardening purposes as well as learn the type of weed you have in your yard. From this point, you should be able to get a good idea of what exactly to choose.

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