Cycle Zone Waterproof, LED Shoe Light for Night Running

For some of us, night time is the most convenient time to go running. Just one inconvenience to it is that some areas we may pass through can be too dark. If you're one who prefers running at night, the Cycle Zone waterproof; LED shoe light for night running would be very helpful for your safety.

This light is made of eco-friendly PC material.

It's just small and lightweight, measuring 2.4 cm x 1.45 cm and weighing only 4 g. So this wouldn't weigh so much on the feet, allowing you to move freely and feel comfortable while using it. It can be attached securely with its clip.

It comes in colors red, blue, and green. It has two flash modes: glow and flash.

Its long-lasting battery allows it to provide light for a total of 60 hours. The battery is replaceable.

This is protected from splashes and rain, as it's IP67 waterproof and weather-resistant.


Jan 14

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