Rachio smart sprinkler controller

A part of the ever growing list of smart home solutions, the Rachio smart sprinkler controller is indeed a boon for people like us i.e. folks who maintains their lawn and loves to keep it hydrated. The only thing which you have to do is download the Rachio app and through it control all the sprinklers of your garden/lawn. Now coming to the excellent set of features which I loved:-

1- You can just enter details like the type of your plant and its exposure to Sun and let the system take care of the rest.
2- The system has the ability even minor leaks through its smart Vortex technology
3 – The System is smart enough to stop the sprinklers in case there is rain predicted or it has already rained.
4 – The intelligent system of Rachio helps you to save water and thus helping you to save your utility bill as well.
5 – Very easy installation and you can connect with most of the smart home devices like your Google Home or Alexa.


Feb 10

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