Hair Straightener Brush By Coolkesi
Just like many women, I can never say no to hair styling products. By God’s grace, I have long wavy hair (touch wood), and I like to both straighten and curl my hair according to my moods. My birthday was approaching, and when my husband asked me to select a gift for myself, all I could think of were hair styling products. I always fancied a hair straightener brush that would make my weekday mornings easier and faster, and this was the perfect opportunity to grab one.
After going through the various hair straightening brushes on Amazon, I came across the brush by Coolkesi. The good ratings made me click the product and read further. The thing that impressed me the most were: this brush could minimize heat damage, it works on all types of hair and even men’s beard. And after using it for over 6 months, I realized it was my best buy ever. The brush is lightweight, easy to carry and doesn’t heat up too much so that you can bring it close to your scalp too. Buy it!


Jan 31

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