EyeVac Vacuum Cleaner
We got the EyeVac vacuum cleaner a month ago as we were facing many difficulties with too much pet hair being found all across our home. Normal vacuum cleaners weren’t able to suck all the hair and hence required manual efforts too. Even with manual effort it was difficult picking up all the hair. And thus the decision of getting the EyeVac vacuum cleaner. This is a stationary vacuum cleaner which comes with a powerful motor and all you have to do is bring all the dust and other unwanted particles near the vacuum zone of the device and it would do the rest. You don’t have to click on any switch as it comes with infra-red sensors which would sense any accumulation of dust particles in front of it and would auto start the motor to suck it up. The design of the device is extremely beautiful and it comes in four shades – White, two types of black and silver.


Jan 29

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