VTech baby audio monitor
Parenting, without a doubt is one of the toughest task one can ever imagine. Being a parent myself, the most worrisome aspect is when I am away from my baby. But thankfully, the VTech baby audio monitor is a great device which helps me keep a track of my baby when she is asleep. The set comes with two devices – a baby monitor which you keep near your baby and the parent monitor which is meant for you. The baby monitor has primarily two major functionalities – acting as a two way communication medium and also acting as an audio sensor which would let the parent monitor know about the level of sound which is there in the baby’s room. Through the parent monitor you can see the level of sound which is there in the room and can even communicate with your baby. The device has a connectivity range of around 1000 feet when you are outside the house and when inside it can connect up to a distance of 160 feet.


Jan 29

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