Presenting the all new Remington electric shaver F5-5800. Remington has always remained one of my most favorite brands when it comes to men’s grooming. This new device from Remington hasn’t deceived me as well. It comes with a new intercept shaving technique which is especially helpful if your beards are long. It sort of pre trims all the longer ones so that you have a smooth trimming session. The device is a cordless one and comes with a great battery lifetime. With complete charge the Remington F5-5800 can run continuously for an hour. With the LED battery indicator it is easy to check you battery status. The device can be used both with foam, cream or even without it. The Remington F55800 is a great device and comes with an ergonomic grip which enhances the maneuverability. You can get the product using the link below. Go and grab yours soon.


Jan 29

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