The Baseus’s Newest & Classic Designed Fast QC3.0 Charge Pad:

I usually hate to have charger or charging cables spread everywhere in my room so I always search for reliable wireless devices. I bought this elegant designed QC3.0 super fast charging pad by Baseus last Saturday. I am glad to share that the charging speed/ design and material everything is classic in this device.

I like the attractive design of this charging pad. The material of this device is extraordinarily safe i.e. it intelligently matches the charging capacity/ current of a device instantly and avoids the overcharging issue. It is fast because it is equipped with QC3.0 latest fast charging technology.

It can be touched even during the charging time because of the secure and quality body structure/ material. Another cool quality is the easy using and moving feature because of its light weight. I will simply recommend this Baseus charging pad for all.


Jan 14

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