The world is so changed to use those old fashioned analog wristwatches, the old age was better because people used to eat healthy which had given them a protection against diseases, but in this era, our diet has ruined everything, and we don’t know how to track our fitness, so here is the solution I bought this ETSFIT SMARTWATCH FITNESS TRACKER, and it helped me so much in tracking my inner health.

It can count your footsteps while running, so you mustn’t feel worried about​how much h steps have you already covered. Touchscreen so you can control it in a better way. It has a heart rate monitor, which will tell you about your heartbeat and reduce the chances of getting heart attacks or cardio diseases. The 1.3-inch touchscreen is for better and convenient use. I recommend the use of this product because it helped me much in advanced training so you should have it to track yours.


6 days ago

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