Wireless Handheld Sweeper

Sweeping is a very toughest job and consumes a great amount of time and lot of effort so for saving my time I ordered this sweeper from Xiaomi.
Besides its great performance it comes up with great design.

Its two roller brushes speed is 1300r/min which is really great.
The brushes design is very long which plays an important role in cleaning all directions.
Its non-woven fabric increases the sweeping efficiency and also creates great resistant against friction for smoother saving. This fabric is the reason of fast sweeping and saves time with very less effort.

Its fabric absorbs dust very easily; its battery timing is also good almost 2 hours of work can be taken from it.
Its dust box capacity is also great 350ml is great enough for saving dust. Just with one button open up the dust box cover.

I recommend this electrostatic mop highly for fast cleaning.


Nov 28, 2019


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