I am a graphic designer that need to design my creation based on environment and scenery. So this drone really helps me to figure out to design my creation. JJRC JJPRO X5 Drone really helps me and I love it.

This drone are coming with Wi-Fi so I can easily transfer the image being capture to my laptop. It also has multiple advanced option and facilities.

To has a good design I need the picture being capture clear and has similar with colour that eyes see. With this drone there is no problem with that because it has high resolution pictures. It also easy to control because it been control by a controller.

With my experience using this drone there so quiet and did not give a bad impact to environment. It also can be use in longer period of time. This drone can be use in night version also. For colour it come with one colour only but it is nice colour which is grey. It also come with ultra-modern shape and size.

So, it make this drone shinning, charming and looking gorgeous from all angles. The battery need to charge about 4 to 5 hours to full. And it can perform longer than that.


Nov 07, 2019


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