A pack of 2, with 6 Rolls each pack, that makes 12 Rolls in totality. Keeps your hygiene in check and don't let your urinary area remain wet or moist. It keeps it dry as always and makes you feel good and fresh. They are strong and 75 % highly absorptive. No chance of leaving the users let down with the quality of toilet rolls. No possibility of leaving your jeans or underpants with the stains of turds at their back. Most of all, it keeps the urinary surface odor and wet-free. And, most importantly keeps you out of irritation and comfortable. Presto Rolls come up in white color and are generally 2.5X longer than a regular paper roll. Not to worry as Presto Toilet Rolls are PEFC certified made of pulp.

Presto as a brand ensures to return the Rolls if found unsanitary. They do make replacements with the sanitary ones in order to maintain good equation with each customer.


Nov 06, 2019


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