Seeking for something in casuals, then do buy this one. It will give solace and can be worn with a solid blue pair of denim jeans or hot pants in hot days of summer. Accessorize your hands with stylish girly rings on each finger and cool wrist bands for wearing around both of your wrists or arm bands for wearing around your arms. After making adjustments, head out with the final look. An every day or travelling outfit with short sleeves

Available in different shades of color and sizes: Colors: Black, Navy Blue, Purple, Grey, Brown, Wathet Blue, Yellow, Green, Red Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2x-Large On Sale: Available in short and long sleeves both

Reviews: The best part is the availability of colors Cool and comfortable Looks fabulous in summers Gives a cute look when worn with short pants of denim or skinny jeans or leggings. It comes in a good length Makes you look great in the selfies with this cool casual wear When you untie your hair and leave it open, this kind of style makes your look appear cooler and amazing. Good quality and justifies to different kind of sizes


Nov 05, 2019


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