When a toy is also purposed to incentive learning, it is really a good toy.
I want my kid’s entertainment to be healthy and productive, something that triggers his imagination. I was looking for something exactly as the CaDA Assembling Racing Car Model.

What we really enjoy about this type of educational toy, is the fun and meaningful time together.

The CaDA is full of interesting parts, not just the typical boring car model, but it gives the sensation that you are actually assembling a real race car, piece by piece, each one out of the 1586 different pieces, as the four-wheel independent suspension, cab, taillights, the wheel and the front wheel linkage, and much more.

The excitement does not stop there, this race model car, is a remote control car; 30-meter operation distance, free-disturbance 2.4 Ghz connection. Full emotion and full learning.
A great gift to boost our kid's understanding and creativity.


Oct 03, 2019


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