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Ultra Silent Humidifier, TaoTronics Big Room Humidifier

Humidifier is big enough with ultra-big tank that provides continuous moisture for about sixty hours even in big room. Humidifier refresh the room’s air gives me refresh environment as it comes with filters that remove harmful dust particles from air.

I live in a place where humidity level remains 30%, and this is harmful not only for health but also for my furniture. This humidifier proved best for me and it is very quiet than my previous humidifier.

As it is very silent so I enjoy peaceful sleep also I love its yellow light good for sleep. Other humidifier has blue light that cause disturbance in sleep.

TaoTornics humidifiers don’t wet the floor as it emits mist one meter high from floor. Humidifier with decent classy look! if you live in a place with low humidity than I prefer you TaoTornics Humidifier


Sep 11

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