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Wireless Headset with Noise canceling Feature

This Headset is just amazing than other headsets in the market because of high quality music. It is different from other in the market because you can even enjoy music if Bluetooth is not connected.

Its ear phone material is so different made by ear oil not only that it perfectly fits to head by doing adjustments.
Yes! Protein skin ear muffs gives so comfort while wearing. You can easily control the voice. Its ear muffs are designed in such a way that it can easily cancel the external noise.

It is designed with noise canceling feature. You can use it anywhere even while traveling or working.
Its dual functionality is awesome you can use it with wires or without wires.

Its battery timing is very great you can easily use up to 8 hours without charging it. For me it is an enough battery time. Highly recommended!


Sep 11

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