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Nokia 8110 4G Feature Phone the best back up smartphone!!

In my nature of work, I mostly go out of town.

And driving on a long trip, and I can say that this Nokia phone has been travel buddy most of the time since I can use it as a backup phone. I love the battery life that this device has, it will last up to 20 days, just based on my experience with it.
That’s quite impressive, right?

I also love the other features of this device, the 3G and 4G network provider, Bluetooth, Browser, camera, E-Book, MP3, Wifi and a lot more!

I can even use it as an MP3 while driving and listen to music, no boredom moment it is!

Well, Nokia had proven since day 1, that they still are one of the best device or gadget makers in town!
I really love this product! It looks really nice too and I can say that it has a very powerful quality.

I’d recommend this over and over again!


Sep 11

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