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JJRC X7P GPS 5G WiFi 4K Two-axis Gimbal Brushless FPV RC Drone RTF

Coming into the market with a bang, the JJRC X7P 4K Drone brings in a lot of goodies with it.

The magnificent drone is fully fitted to serve you and offer to do anything to you within its capacity.
Fitted with a 2-axis mechanical stabilization, the device's gambles come with a 4K camera.

It also has a long-standing battery that gives a maximum of up to 30 minutes in the air allowing one to take as made photos and as long video as possible. It gives one a beautiful appearance with its shining black color.

It presents itself with a dual sate light positioning giving it a sweet optical flow. These ensure it has a super stable hovering capability. Its features include BULKY transmitters and 4 buttons for camera adjustments.

The drone can be flown up to 24minutes with its battery fully charged. It has a DVR allowing it to save videos in an SD card.


Aug 17

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