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Xiaomi 20-inch Metal Travel Suitcase Universal Wheel

If you travel a lot with work or even for vacancies you will need a good bag.

You can use it also in the home to store things. Xiaomi travel suitcase is now available on the Xiaomi site at an acceptable price.

It comes with a fantastic design and its color is amazing. Its capacity is 31 L. it weighs 4.2 Kg so you can portable it easily.
It is made of high-quality material with high durability and strength. Inside it; it has belts to restrict the movement of the things. If you move a Breakable thing do not worry it will reach in safe.

It has a flexible wheel to make it easy to move this suitcase with no need for carrying it. It has a medium size so you can put it in your car easily.

It also has a high strength hand. It is only priced at $257.95. catch this chance now do not be late.


Aug 11

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