Gocomma 11-in-1 Most Powerful Patented Hub Notebook Base

"The Gocomma Notebook is a Type-C laptop that supports the triple display. This device is packed with amazing features to ensure users have a great and seamless operation. 

Some of its specifications are listed below. It has patented abrasives that are exclusive and adapted to the notebook’s base.

It possesses eleven in one interface for you to expand. Three USB3.0, audio, and video output, card reading function, 1000M WLAN, video projection synchronization all wrapped in one.

The USB 3.0 port is capable of video transmission at high speed, 5GB per seconds
It supports fast charge and has high power input of 100W. You can conveniently use then notebook to play games or watch videos while charging it.

Enjoy the internet with the stable and fast Gigabit Ethernet port.
Storage is expandable with a microSD card.
Overall the Gocomma Notebook weighs 0.38kg and has a non-slip silicone pad that keeps its body stable


Aug 11, 2019


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