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Linptech G6L-SW Wireless Doorbell

Now you can be assured your home is safe from burglars with the new Linptech G6L-SW Wireless Doorbell. The doorbell has a circular layout that features a bell and a sound alert system.

The colour is matte white, and the material is made from high strength flame-resistant polycarbonate material. So it not only offers the highest protection but is exquisitely designed.

It is easy to install, being a wireless doorbell you do not have to go through the hassle of connecting wires. Simply use a 3M glue to stick the bell on your preferred doorway.

Its most exciting feature is its use of no battery. The bell uses kinetic energy drawn from the hand as it rings the bell, effectively converting it to electric energy that powers the doorbell. You do not have to worry about charging or replacing the batteries throughout its lifespan.

The Linptech wireless doorbell is a smart device that comes with 36 different ringtones, a smart processor, and supports connection with a smartphone so you can control with the Mijia App.


Aug 07

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