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Xiaomi Mechanical Bluetooth 79Key Keyboard LED Backlit USB ports For Laptop Desktop Tablets computers Gaming Keyboard typewriter

What's the combination of classic shape and modern shape?

It's the Xiaomi Bluetooth keyboard. What's the amazing shape!!

It looks like the typewriter but in a new dress. The sticky button is more comfortable for hands so you can write a lot without being tired.

Not only support wired, Bluetooth dual-mode connection, and mobile phones, computers, tablets and all devices universal, Windows, MaC, Android, Linux system universal, press FN+1/2/3 easy switch, no need to repeat the connection. the material of the main body has strong impact resistance, transparency, wear resistance, scratch resistance and dirt resistance. Good products can stand the test of time.

White LED monochrome backlight is used so you can turn off your room light and enjoy darkness silence :). It has a long-life battery which is 4000 mAh.

Buy your comfort with just $105.79, I'm really recommended for all writers or PC heavy users.


Aug 03

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