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"With my disdain for cooking and the love I have for food, owning a freezer was inevitable. I'm quite pleased with this Midea single door chest freezer. It’s great that it is spacious enough to store a large number of food items, and it can be easily accessed when needed. The chest freezer came along with a whisper compressor that makes no sound. The size fits my condo and doesn't take too much space. The bottom drain feature of the freezer also makes defrosting quite easy, so I don’t struggle to get items from the freezer. I found the work power impressive; it freezes water, ice cream, etc. in a short time. One of my problems with the use of a deep freezer is the difficulty that comes with cleaning the interior, but I can’t dispute that this is easier to clean. Unfortunately, I still have to stretch when cleaning the bottom part.”


Jul 11

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