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"Despite my initial doubts, I found the Tavata portable automatic ice maker machine a worthwhile purchase. It didn’t take so long to produce ice cubes, and it proved to be faster than my freezer in that specific role. I like that it delivers ice cubes in different sizes for a wide variety of roles and that’s my ice-pick days over.
I am not a big fan of cleaning appliances, so it was terrific news to discover that the ice maker cleans itself just with the push of a button within a few minutes.
Noise irks me, so having noiseless devices is essential to me, and it is a good thing this appliance doesn’t produce excessive noise when making ice. I like this ice maker, but I don’t find its 2 liters capacity sufficient. It’s great I don’t always have to open the ice maker to see what is happening within as the top is transparent.”


Jul 11

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