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Having a smart home has some perks to it. I can easily use tech tools like the Echo 5 without any problem. My fiancée loves cooking, and the Echo 5 helps her with some of the out-of-place recipes even though I am not a big fan of some these abstract dishes she makes. I have a soft spot for movies, and the Echo provides me possible choices through trailers. I like that the Echo helps me in maximizing my some smart home. I can quickly get Alexa to do a lot, including assessing the state of security on my property. I find the call restriction to only Alex app users unpleasant. I am not sure why such exist. I find the 5.5 display of the Echo 5 just average; I’d prefer it has a more prominent display. While I like the one button mutes all, I wish a voice command could do that as well.


Jul 11

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