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Music gives me goosebumps, and it shows. Due to my desire to enjoy music even better, I got the DOSS soundbox Bluetooth speaker. And I don’t regret buying this speaker. I like how easy it is to control the speaker with minimal effort. I can easily change songs by pressing one button. Pairing wasn’t difficult. I quickly paired the speaker with my mobile phone under 5 minutes, and I don’t have to re-pair despite my brother connecting the speaker to his mobile phone. While it is portable, it does have some weight. I couldn’t hold it for a long time without putting it down. The battery doesn’t last as long as the manufacturers claim, but I am often guilty of listening at the highest volume – I am excited about music that much. I found it useful in receiving calls, but at a high volume, privacy goes out the window. I am pleased that I could fit a micro SD into the device and listen without having to connect my phone.


Jul 11

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