Xuways XMRC M8 GPS 5G WiFi FPV RC Drone with 4K Ultra HD Camera

$ 208.99

$ 208.99

Amazon Oct 12, 2019

XMRC M8 4K RC Drone has accomplished a milestone, gather the most important features for a drone in this model.

Gorgeous performance in aerial photography, along with a foldable, portable and compact quadcopter structure, and easy-to-operate controls and functions.

Professional 4K HDR video with a 1 KM operational distance, offers the possibility of incredible shoots impossible from other drones. Maneuverability of the XMRC M8 is so comfortable, intended to be focused on the action, not on controlling the drone; stability sensors avoid any disturbance to produce absolutely steady images using the fast and slow feature; create outstanding video sequences turning on the following mode and reach amazing angles never achieved by traditional drone commands.

GPS positioning makes the flight so precise that you always are on control; just pressing a button and the drone automatically return to the initial point.

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