Xiaomi Mijia QCOOKER CD-HB01 Hand Blender Electric

$ 35.99

$ 41.25


GearBest Dec 03, 2019

This package of Xiaomi Mijia Electric Hand Blender consists of a juicer, knife holder, 300 ml, and 600ml portable cups. It runs on a permanent DC motor and is able to perform multiple tasks easily. You can adjust its speed within two available modes.
The DC motor runs up to 12,500 rpm for this Xiaomi Mijia hand blender pack. This device has extremely low noise, EU plug, white shade, and stainless-steel material for long-lasting durability.
The material is also a food grade. Thus, everything that you mix inside the juice or the blender will remain the same in taste. The food inside will not be contaminated.


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