Xiaomi Mijia IH 2.4GHz WiFi Multifunction Rice Cooker, AC 220V, Volume: 3L

$ 139.99

$ 159.99

13% off

Newegg Mar 13

1. IH electromagnetic surrounded heating and heat convection, evenly cook rice or ingredients
2. Precise temperature control, cooking hot-spring Eggs is no long a hard work
3. 3mm thickness alloy non-stick liner, sealed the flavor of sea in the seafood congee
4. Implicit LED interactive panel, interactive information will not show until you press
5. Detachable beehive inner cap, easy to clean and breaks bubbles during rice cooking or prevents hot soup from spilling out
6. Air circulation cooling design, extends your rice cooker's use life
7. Food grade PP steamer basket and rice scoop

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