Wireless V8 Mouse by FD Animal Cute Colorful 2.4G Travel Silent Mouse Cordless Optical

$ 13.59

$ 15.99

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Amazon 2 days ago

Get Wireless V8 Mouse by FD Animal Cute Colorful 2.4G Travel Silent Mouse Cordless Optical for $13.59 which has been come down from $15.99 thanks to the Amazon for lowering the price that allows you to get 15 percent OFF and get to save $2.40. This Wireless 2.4 GHz is reliable as it ensures the connection along with a long distance working of 10 m and 250 Hz that is a super speed of high rate with the return that allows to eliminates the delay, interference, and dropouts.

Animals matte Cute surface with an ergonomic and quiet comfortable design with a cherry wheel that comfort you all day at work and it will also be a source of entertainment which is perfect and portable for travelling as well. This will let you enjoy it with silent click which means even if you are working late night in your bedroom or just browsing your partner or roommates won't get disturbed by the noise of clicking and you don't have to switch to your smart phone to view the content you are enjoying.

Power saving Intelligent design eliminates the requirement of changing the batteries often. The mouse is wireless and it will enter into the mode that has power saving capacity that will work even after five minutes for free and the right and left click button will wake it up whenever you want the mouse to work again which means no on and off button is needed. There is a USB receiver tiny Nano which is placed in the back side of the mouse and it is conveniently slots in the computer's USB that will take minimal space. You don't need to install any drive separately, you can just plug it in the system and start playing it. It will work well with all kind of devices such as Notebook, Laptop, PC, Computer, Mac and so on.

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