Wireless Home Smart Indoor Camera by Wyze Cam

$ 24.49

$ 25.95


Amazon Dec 23, 2019

Get Wireless Home Smart Indoor Camera by Wyze Cam as the price listed use to be $25.95 which was reduced to $24.49 but thanks to this deal that has reduced the price even further and made it only $19.99 that means a discount of 23 percent is waiting for you and save $5.99 OFF. This device works fantastically with Alexa and it requires a camera on the front door for it to show. You can live stream in 1080p from literally anywhere that makes it amazing.

The live streaming allows you to be in the house and know everything going on even when you are not physically present in the house that means a real time streaming is possible with this device just by connecting it via an app called Wyze on your smart device. You can use smart phone, tablet, or even use in on your iPad. It automatically programmed to record video of 12 seconds when any motion or any kind of sound is detected that will be saved on the cloud for about 14 days which is absolutely free.

There is also an option to keep the push notifications activated that will alert you whenever something is happening in or around your house that you should know so that you don't constantly have to look at the app to see what's happening. Ask Alexa what is going on in the house, or what is the baby doing right now or maybe to check if the 3D printer finished with the printing process. This will work as a mini robot in your hand. In fact, this can be used by more than one member in the family hence you can provide access to members you trust when guests are in the house or you can simply down the app and invite to your camera sharing.


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