TwoTrees 2500MW CNC Laser Engraving Machine - [Coupon Inside]

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GearBest Oct 31, 2019

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Looking for a budget laser engraver that delivers an accurate a high-intensity engraving? You might want to check out the TwoTrees 2500MW CNC laser Engraving Machine, which is currently available for $190 through Gearbest.

Those who do not want to spend that kind of money on an engraving machine can use coupon code G3A338EF2661D000 to get a $50.01 off before placing the order. After applying the coupon code, the retail price of the TwoTrees 2500MW CNC laser Engraving Machine reduces to just $139.99.

The TwoTrees 2500MW provides an impressive accuracy of 0.01mm, and can effortlessly print all images. It features a stable frame, as well as an axis control that enables you to achieve flawless details. Unlike other laser engraving machines, the TwoTrees 2500MW does not force you to limit your ideas by material or size, as it can engrave as big as 40x30cm.

Furthermore, the TwoTrees 2500MW works on multiple materials including wood, plastic, paper, bamboo, Ox horn, leather, and even sponge paper. The laser engraving machine is housed in a sturdy aluminum alloy and acrylic body for durability. Its dimensions are 180x440x480mm.

The TwoTrees 2500MW comes with a replaceable lacer module and features an open structure motherboard. On top of that, the laser engraver can produce 2.5W high-intensity laser within an engraving area of 40x30cm.

The feature-rich laser engraving machine comes in an eye-catching TOTEM color option and it ships from three different warehouses including TOTEM Russian Federation, TOTEM Czech Republic, and TOTEM China.

As a company, TwoTrees has a reputation for offering superior 3D printers that do not cost a lot of money. These highly affordable 3D printers are a great choice for families, education, enterprises, and even individuals.

To know more about the TwoTrees 2500MW CNC laser Engraving Machine and to get the discount through the coupon code, simply visit the promotion page now!


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