True Wireless HeadSound H5 Earbuds

$ 38.95

$ 59.95


Amazon Dec 25, 2019

Get these wireless earbuds that have been now reduced while giving you 35% discount and save $21.00 as the price was earlier stated to be $59.95 on Amazon but now it is reduced to $38.95. The instant one step pairing option makes it interesting to use than before as you don't waste time in connecting for a call or listening to music. This is great for people who did love to workout at the gym or home as the wired earphones usually get between you and your intense workout but this one will help you out with a 3D cutting edge surround sound that won't upset anyone in the room with you.

It comes with thumpin bass, complete 3D, and low treble sound that you deserve to experience without irritating other people exercising or working around you. This will make a great present for teens and people who play intense games. This also consists of a dual speaker that is not like other earbuds that allow you to listen to calls in just 1 ear but these earbuds allow you to get dual speakers that allows hearing sound in both the ears while you are on a call.

It also provides 100 hours of time to listen with one single charge. It is ultra-comfortable that comes with a mic and it is sweatproof that will mold in the ear even if you are cleaning the house, running, cycling, or doing anything else without sliding, slipping, chaffing, or falling out of your ears. Earbuds have completely replaced wired earphones for all those who want a great headphone but don’t want to get tangled with the earphone’s wires as the freedom you feel without wires is incredible. The earbuds have a replacement warranty of one year which means you can experience sound quality unrivaled risk free.


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