Tripods Mini Portable Extendable Selfie Monopod Stick

$ 4.42

$ 5.53

20% off

Aliexpress Oct 31, 2019

Get the Tripods Mini Portable Extendable Selfie Monopod Stick as the price drops down to $4.48 while the original retail price of the smartphone is $5.53 which means you get 19% OFF on this product. But once the sale starts on 11th November the price will further be dropped to $4.42. The product ships from US and China. There are only 1792 pieces are available while rest are already sold as it is a hot selling product. Additionally, you will get 1% OFF if you order two pieces or even more than that. The instant discounts do not require any coupon code as your cart reaches $79 you will get $1% OFF, on $129 cart amount you get a discount of $2 OFF, and $10 OFF on $299 cart amount. On the other hand, there are coupon codes available which will allow you to get further discount. For instance, you can save $6 if you order above $65. Similarly, you can get up to $100 OFF if you order above $999 (which expires on 4th November). Though the coupons are valid for different time span, so check before applying them. The Stick is made out of stainless steel material and metal. This is a two in one design that helps to use integrated extensions micro and tripods as well that reduces the assembling along with storage of Go-pro camera.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Tripods Mini Portable Extendable Selfie Monopod Stick and make your lifestyle even more easy and relaxing while you don't have to worry about clicking pictures or shooting without the help of a friend. This is your chance to get the Stick for only $4.42 which is the lowest price ever, thanks to the sale on AliExpress of 11.11 that makes your experience even better.

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