Telescope 70mm Refractor Astronomy for Kids Tripod Gift by ECOOPRO

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Get Telescope 70mm Refractor Astronomy for Kids Tripod Gift by ECOOPRO for $58.80 as the price goes down because the original listed cost of the Telescope is $69.29 that allows you to save $10.49 and give you a straight flat discount of 15 percent. 70 mm telescope is actually an Amazon's choice telescope which comes with a pretty good rating so you don't have to worry about its quality. It has a focal length of 360 mm and aperture is 70 mm that is coated fully with optical glass that comes with transmission that is high and the coatings will create images that are crisp with clarity and brightness increased.

It comes with two eyepieces that are sized about 1.25 inches that is k25 mm and k10 mm that allows to entertain the kids to 51 X to 128 X from the magnification. There is also a scope finder of 5X 24 that can locate any object quickly. This one is designed for the kids hence you don't have to think about setting it up would be difficult. In fact, it does not require any tool for setting this up and the objects are also pretty quick and easy to find with help of this perfect telescope. This will make a great gift for kids who did love to look into the astronomy or even adults who are beginners in astronomy.

Even in the day time the 70 mm will excels for the birding as well the wildlife view, casual night observing time or it could be view of a scenery or the moon this one makes sure that you enjoy every single view in your sight. There is a complimentary adjustable tripod that allows to position the viewing and a carry bag to take it around.

Buy Telescope 70mm Refractor Astronomy for Kids Tripod for $58.80.


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