Tab P10 by Lenovo 10 Inches

$ 149.99

$ 349.99


Amazon Dec 25, 2019

Get Tab P10 for just $149.99 that was previously priced at $349.99 that allows you to save $200.00 and get a 57% discount. The storage space in the device is 64 GB while the RAM size is 4 GB that allows smooth operation of the tablet. This is the best awarded smart tablet in 2019 for the best innovation. This is a powerful tablet that works on the Snapdragon processor and the memory can be increased later to 256 GB through a microSD card.

The tablet comes with full display HD that is fantastic to have in an Android tablet that provides a stunning quality of display with a captivating screen that consists of four speakers that feature Dolby Atmos. It works on the latest operating system of Android and it also features fingerprint login that can be used to operate multiple profiles which is a great innovation if it is a tablet used in an office and multiple workers want to make their profiles separately. It comes with booming audio with smart speakers that have four full-range speakers of Dolby Atmos while it is integrated with Alexa for a better experience of your usage.

The smart screen will transform this tablet completely that is feasible for you in many ways as it can allow you to control all the devices in your smart house without touching them physically. While everything is going smart, why to use the tablet for only the basic things such as watching movies or showing designs to the client when you can use this as a smart device that works and do wonders for you. The battery life of this device is up to 5 hours that means you can watch an HD movie and do your work on it simultaneously and still there will be enough of the battery left.


  • This is less than half the price

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  • this lenovo is just perfect i tell you.

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