Soundcore Liberty Air True Wireless Earphones-$20 Page Coupon

$ 59.99

$ 79.99

25% off

Amazon Mar 16

With page coupon $20, the price of Soundcore Liberty Air will drop to $60.
Expertly Tuned Graphene Drivers: As graphene’s earliest pioneers, we have used our experience to create a new driver for Liberty Air Bluetooth earbuds that takes full advantage of the material’s remarkable properties. 100 times harder than steel and 35% lighter than traditional driver diaphragms, it oscillates with extreme precision to give your music a wider soundstage with exceptional accuracy and clarity across the entire frequency range.
Crystal-Clear Calls: Each earbud is equipped with a microphone that utilizes noise reduction technology. Your voice is optimized and background noises are minimized so you sound louder and clearer on the other end.

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