Solo3 By Beats Earphone Microphone

$ 125.99

$ 251.98


JoyBuy Nov 07, 2019

Get the Solo3 By Beats Earphone Microphone as the price drops down to $125.99 while the original retail price of the device is $251.98 which means you save 125.89 on the deal and get 50% OFF. The promotion is available for only 1-10 items.

The shipping of this product is absolutely FREE to US as the product comes from China through the JD Standard. The product ships with in seven days from the day you make the payment. The estimated time of the delivery is between 25 to 30 working days.

You can buy this product without being worried because the item has a return policy valid that allows you to send back the device if there are any quality issues.
Not only this, but the best part is that the buyer does not have to pay any fee for return shipping on the product neither any custom duties. Although, the refund method and amount may vary depending on the condition of the returned product, payment method, and the date of purchase.

If we have a look at some of the highlights that makes the product different from other products then you should look at its color options that matches every device you use such as Gold, White, Black, Matter Black, Grey, and Rose Gold. This device provides best experience for one who loves to get away from the real world for a while just to enjoy each and every string.

The offer is available for 93 days and 21 hours more. Meanwhile, I write this deal for you has already sold many pieces. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Solo3 By Beats Earphone Microphone now and make your experience completely amazing and fun. Your super earphone is waiting for you to enjoy the music and daily routine as it encourages you to stay fit.


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