Security Camera Weatherproof Night Vision by EZVIZ 2.8 mm Lens

$ 39.99

$ 59.99

33% off

Amazon 2 days ago

Get this Weatherproof Security Camera for $39.99 as the deal goes on Amazon though the real listed cost of the camera is $59.99 that means 33% discount and $20 of saving. This camera is a ready stand for about 24 by 7 that watches over important places around your home. Whenever the motion gets detected the recording will begin automatically and you will receive a notification which will be sent on your smart device.

It could be a smart phone, tablet or even your system. When it detects the camera will also activate a siren which is loud enough to strobe a light and scare the intruders off. This can be turned off or on along with the light separately. It is water protected and dust proof with IP66 that is designed for lasting long for outdoor security.

The IP66 certificate of the camera makes it durable and reliable that it will protect you in every weather: sunshine, rain, or even snow. This will act like a family member that takes care of your entire family when you are not around. Not only family but it will also take care of your house when you are on a vacation or out for a business trip.

This camera sees it all, no matter it is day or night as it comes with clear HD vision along with an angle that is wide and gives a view to see everything that could be covered in the day light or even during the darkness of night. The camera comes with integration which is infrared efficient lights. The ICR filter infrared enables the night vision that excellent up to 100 feet. There is always an issue about the storage but with this camera you don't need to worry about the storage as it comes with one-month free storage on the cloud.


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