QI Wireless Charger Quick Charge 2.0 Fast Charging

$ 8.19

$ 10.55


GearBest Oct 09, 2019

The wireless charging is a breakthrough in the history of power batteries for cellphones.

It makes the cellphone charging easier, faster, safer and even an eco-friendly . Most of the wireless chargers available are not taking full advantage of that technology. Regular charger bases are horizontal, stopping the charging process if you take the phone 4 centimeters away from the charger.

A smart and efficient solution is the QI Wireless Charger Quick Charge 2.0. It is elegant and offers a great deal. Its 60 degrees stand angle allows using the cellphone while charging, so play music, receive and make calls and whatever you need to do. It has 2 coils in order to make it a more efficient, sensitive and stable recharging process.

This useful gadget could charge your cellphone from 0% to 100% in almost 2 hours. The base is 7cm and 11.5 cm height, take it with you easily. A thought-out feature is the Anti-Slip Pad that avoids the charger moving. And thanks to over-temperature protection the cellphone is well protected.

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