PS4 Controller Docking Charger Station Stand by Y Team

$ 11.88

$ 16.99


Amazon Dec 04, 2019

Get PS4 Controller Docking Charger Station Stand for $11.88 with deal although the price that is listed on the Amazon is $16.99 that means saving $5.11 is a great option which is 30 percent discount. This is a compact and a sleek dual PS4 charger for controller that is easy way to charge quickly and store your controller. It supports versions such as PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro. You can keep these wireless controllers safely in this stand while you are not playing game.

It is safe to use and charges really very fast with two micro USB ports built in adapters that will secure the storage and charge two controllers simultaneously. One controller can be charged with in two hours though two controllers will take about four hours. There is an indicator LED on the stand that lets you know when the charging is done. For example, the USB can connect the cable power then the stand will turn into blue color and if the controller turns into red color then it means you need to put it back on the stand to charge it completely 100 percent again then it will turn blue.

It has an Excellent Design Chip that protects thee over charging or even overheating. Parents might be worried about over current, or using extra voltage, or even fear the short circuit but this one allows to stay away from all those things as it provides you with durable and safe charger that has external pursuit. If you have any quality issues or you require any support then the Y team is always there to support you as the team is eager to satisfy their customers by solving their issues. It is worth knowing that is comes with IC protection and one year of support.


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