Pre-sale Xiaomi SMATE Drying Disinfector-UV Bacterial Sterilizer

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$ 49.99

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Aliexpress Mar 05

Xiaomi SMATE Drying Disinfector is pre-sale on alieapress. $2.00 off when orders over US $40.00, the page coupon valid till
Mar 7, 10:36 PM PT.
The Xiaomi SMATE disinfector uses ultraviolet UV-C LED, with a wavelength of 250-280nm to destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in microbial cells, resulting in the loss of vitality and fecundity of bacteria and viruses, and 99.9% effective sterilization and disinfection.
In addition, the life span of UV-C LED lamp beads is up to 1500 hours, 5 minutes at a time, and can be used 18000 times.
Xiaomi SMATE disinfector also built-in PET composite heating body, the constant temperature is 60 ℃ ±10 ℃, 25 minutes hot air drying. After cleaning the functional head of a protective product, shake or wipe the excess water for drying to prevent the moist environment from being conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

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