Portable Monitor 15.6 Inch Screen Protector by Lepow

$ 139.99

$ 169.99


Amazon Dec 04, 2019

Get Portable Monitor’s Screen Protector for $139.99 though this Amazon's choice monitor is listed at $169.99 price that means you get $30 off and 18 percent discount. This monitor will deliver 1920 x 1080 stunning resolution for your visuals that has reproduction color in awesome quality.

This will give you a best experience for viewing as it allows to extend your screen for playing games or watching movies. The Lepow monitor can work with PC, laptops, PS4, Wii, Nintendo Switch, XBOX ONE and many more such devices. You can simply connect with your device as this is a portable monitor through mini HDMI or Type C to play games, videos, business presentations, television series or even photos.

This is made out of smart leather PU exterior that is durable and comes with a lining that is soft to keep the portable monitor safe. This can be folded in various positions that will create a good view for reading, watching or even typing. There is a screen protector on the display that makes it completely protective from any kind of scratches.

It is as slim as 0.3 inches and it weighs very light that is 1.76 pounds which is ideal to carry around and work on it. This is made for simple dual monitor setup on the go and for presentations on the smart phone. It also has dual speakers along with HDR mode which is efficient to help the display with multi media files.

Also, you can enjoy the music or play games or even watch movies. The HDR mode has excellent support for mainstream transmission that allows you to enjoy great transmission of video in the game and also in other entertainment content. You can use this potable monitor in landscape mode or even in portrait mode depending on your content.


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