ORMELL ELEXTOR 2-in-1 Earbuds SmartWatch 2020 New, Fitness Tracker, Smartwatch, Fitness Bracelet (Black)

$ 68.85

$ 68.85

Amazon Oct 08, 2019

ORMELL ELEXTOR 2-in-1 Earbuds SmartWatch is a combination of smart bracelet and headphones which can also be used individually. This smart bracelet is scientifically designed for holding headphones which enables you to bring and carry it anywhere and everywhere you like. You can use it while driving or working, such a perfect activity tracker for your daily activities!

Features 5.0 BT headphones, built-in touch sensor and microphone, simple to handle, great for receiving call.
The smart bracelet can be used to charge or keep your headphones.
It can receive call and message and be woke up by the voice assistant of your cell phone, never miss the important messages.
Perfect for daily activity tracking, call and enjoy music while driving or working.


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