Original Xiaomi HIMO C20 10AH Electric Moped Bicycle [Coupon Inside]

$ 699

$ 1,099.99

36% off

GearBest Oct 31, 2019

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are garnering considerable popularity among commuters who fancy using eco-friendly transportation methods. Crafted for short commutes, an electric bicycle is a great choice for students and other people who are always on the go.

A top-branded electric bicycle understandably carries a steep price tag, making it near impossible for a student living on a tight budget to purchase it, but Gearbest is trying to change by offering a high-end electric moped bicycle for a reduced price. Let us check out the offer.

When we think of Xiaomi, we usually think of high-end smartphones, but not too many of us are aware that the Chinese company is also into manufacturing a lot of other exciting products, including electric bicycles (or e-bikes). Xiaomi has established a partnership with Gearbest to offer its Xiaomi HIMO C20 electric bicycle for just $749.99.

It is worth noting that the Xiaomi HIMO C20 foldable electric bicycle usually sells for $1099.99 without the discount. Wouldn't you love to save more money? Well, Gearbest got you back!

The Xiaomi HIMO C20 has been assigned coupon code R3A408BB7CD8D001 which you can apply before placing your order and save $50.99 more. Thanks to the coupon, the lowered selling price of the Xiaomi HIMO C20 drops to only $699.

Available in white, as well as gray color options, the Xiaomi HIMO C20 is an exciting electric bicycle. Sporting an integrated design, the e-bike passes through 3C certification and strict NC processing technology before arriving in stores.

Moreover, the Xiaomi HIMO C20 comes with both human power and electric power support. It has three riding modes including pure electric mode, manpower, and electric riding mode.

You can check out more details about this electronic bicycle from Xiaomi by visiting the promotion page. Gearbest had sold 69 pieces during this activity period, but the Flash Sale is coming to end soon.


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