OLED Smart by LG 4K

$ 1,099

$ 1,693.44


eBay Nov 10, 2019

Get the OLED Smart by LG 4K as the price drops down to $1099.00 which is INR 78,009.65 approx. while the original price of the QLED is $1693.44 which is INR 120104.62 approx. which means you get 35% OFF and you save $594.44 on the purchase.

The item is shipped from Harrisburg to US. Although there are some excluded countries in the list which you should look for such as Bahamas, Kazakhstan, US Protectorates, Botswana, Algeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Germany, Zealand, Canada, Greenland, Mexico, French Polynesia, Australia and many such countries.

The built in tuner digital is ATSC and it comes to features then it consist of wall mount, Bluetooth which will help you to connect your smart devices with the product. It comes in a single option of color that is Clear and gives a maximum resolution of 2160 that is also popularly known as 4K. The refresh rate of the device is pretty quick.

The seller ships the product within one day right after receiving the payment. The estimated time of deliver is might vary from location to location though it is done by a private company of trucking hence you might get the order between 6 to 18 working days. The seller does not allow to return the QLED within 30 days though the buyer has an option to cover the same in eBay's guarantee of money back.

Meanwhile, I write this deal for you ebay.com has already sold 8 pieces. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your OLED Smart by LG 4K now and watch your TV in a different light. Now you don’t have to worry before giving the smartphone in your kids or others hand while thinking you might miss an important content on the internet as you can watch Netflix, YouTube or any other show you like which is compatible with the device.


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