Obsession Cologne by Calvin Klein, 4 oz EDT Spray for Men NEW IN BOX

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eBay Feb 21

Obsession Summer by Calvin Klein Cologne. Choosing to lighten up your fragrance for summer doesn’t mean settling for a bland, shallow cologne. Calvin Klein’s Obsession Summer is a bold composition of the spiciness of cedar, silkiness of artemisia, and earthiness of blue sage, resulting in a masculine scent that suggests warm summer breezes, the gentle lapping of water upon the shore, and fresh-mown grass under your bare toes. Apply your cologne to your pulse points and allow your body heat to intensify and amplify this aromatic scent.

Founded in 1968, Calvin Klein is a global lifestyle brand that defines itself as provocative, modern, sensual, and iconic. It launched its first fragrance over 35 years ago and has added many successful products since. Obsession Summer, with its signature ice-blue cap, was introduced in 2016, and since that time has satisfied the need of men throughout the world who require a virile scent that tempers the summer heat with cool-blue refreshment.

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