NutriBullet Pro NB9-1301B 900W

$ 57.99

$ 99.99


Amazon Dec 23, 2019

Get NutriBullet Pro NB9-1301B 900W for $57.99 though previously price listed was $99.99 which means you can avail a discount of 42 percent. This one comes with 900 watts and it is stronger and faster compared to the original one and yet this one is simple when it comes to the usage. The offer is valid to you for 13 hours more. You can load this machine with whole dense food such as seeds, nuts, kale, and hard fruits then just push and twist then blend it together and live your lifestyle in a healthier way than ever.

This is an Optimized motor of 900 watts that provides nutrient refined extraction blades that get blended well even with the toughest food that comes in whole into a nutritious smoothie, shakes, and butters but. The package includes one Extractor blade, one motor of 900W base, two cups of 32 oz., two lids, two lip ring, two handles for the lip ring, and one recipe book to make delicious items perfectly. This is made of stainless steel that gives Powerful Extractor blades that use Cyclonic action for the breakdown even the toughest of the ingredients. The BPA-free cups made out of plastic and high performance are durable and long-lasting.

If you are fond of healthy food and it becomes difficult to chew all the healthy food including the chicken breasts then the simple way of having those kinds of food is to put it together in this machine, blend it and simply drink it down and you will never be disappointed by the output as the blend will be extremely nice. In fact, the cleaning of the machine is pretty Hassle-free as you just need to simply twist the blades to come off and then rinse it with soap and later wash it off with water and then place the plastic cups on the top rack if you are using the dishwasher.


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  • love every moment i spend using this

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