Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition

$ 38.11

$ 38.20

Amazon Mar 10

Contains both Monster Hunter: World and the Iceborne expansion

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition' is a set containing both the main game and the massive 'Iceborne' expansion. New quests, monsters, weapons, armor, story, and the unlocking of an all-new 'master rank' await to take your hunting to the next level!

Explore sprawling locales teeming with undiscovered creatures and thriving ecosystems
Battle fearsome monsters not only to craft new weapons & armor, but also to drive the story forward and uncover the mysteries of the New World and Hoarfrost Reach
Extensive single-player campaign that also allows drop-in multiplayer; use the SOS Flare to summon other hunters for an assist!
Use monster materials, as well as items found growing in the wild, to craft new items and gear

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