MOMAX NEW Q.POWER UV box sterilizing BOX for wireless charging 10W

$ 68.04

$ 68.06

Aliexpress Feb 18

1. Q.power uv-box sterilizing BOX for wireless charging
Max 10 w
Two modes
Aromatherapy function
A key disinfection
Wireless quick charge
Flavouring in addition to taste
Simple and convenient
2. Disinfection without "line" health
Using strong ultraviolet irradiation sterilization method, no dead Angle depth sterilizing effect, through authoritative testing, harmful bacteria killing rate more than 99.9%.
3.10w wireless fast, is the answer to speed.
When the speed is no longer bound by the cable, 10W is the answer to fast charging, no need for redundant movement, a release that is full of fun, creating a sense of cool.
4.7.5w full charge to speed up the apple.
Integrated with apple's fixed-frequency fast charging standard, apple's wireless charging model is fast charged with 7.5w power, and it only takes 3.5 hours to charge the iPhone X.

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